The Cheer Institute is a cheerleading program designed to train cheerleaders both experienced and inexperienced in all aspects of the sport of cheer. Our program strives to assist athletes in becoming sharper and stronger and confident performers in tumbling, jumps, and overall performance!   

Coached by former Ohio State University Alumni Cheerleader Erika Gullick and staff; Our athletes learn cheer terminology and experience performing in front of large crowds which aids in developing their confidence and overcoming challenging situations. 

Learning the ability to lead a crowd prepares our athletes to lead a board room, a group discussion, or a classroom!  The Cheer Institute is building a solid cheer foundation for anyone who has the passion and drive to succeed in the world.

Our Program will nourish the mind body and soul of the Athlete.  "As Owner; for me it's not about how good any one person is, it's about how great the team can become by working together".

~Coach Erie

Join the TCI Family for the 2020-2021 Se


2020-2021 Year Round and Half Season

Competitive Cheer 2021-2022 Season!

Tiny Novice $65/monthly

AllStar Prep $120/monthly

Elite Allstar $125/monthly

Senior Cheer and Dance 50+

(Call for pricing)

Early Annual Registration Now Open!!: (Before May 9th, 2021)

-Returners: $55

-New: $55

(After May 9th, 2021)

-$75 all athletes 

*All athletes have annual registration fees



Monthly Memberships/Drop Ins

ALL NEW Virtual Programs Offered!

Weekly classes offered 100% virtually: $80

Wednesdays: 5pm-6pm





Registration Fee: $55

Spring Tumble Club (Begins April 1st, 2021) Offered In Person!!!!

Tumble Club: $155/monthly (ages 6-up)

*athletes 5 years must be approved)

Drop in $15/class

*Privates $55/1 hour Session (suggested 4 session minimum but not required)

-Group/Team tumbling $65/athlete (groups of 5 )

*All athletes have annual registration fees:

$55 (Before May 9th, 2021)

$75 (After May 9th, 2021)

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Flexible and Convenient

Daycares, businesses, Home school, or nursing homes, our mobile gym option gives you the flexibility to structure classes at a convenient time and location! Let us bring the gym to you!

*Call for pricing

Class tuition is due at the beginning of each month. Tuition is not prorated or refunded. Maximum of 1 make up class per monthly session. No refunds for missed classes or session are available.